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October 28 Webinar – What is the KP (not) doing about ongoing human rights abuses in diamond mining?

On October 28th 2020, the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition (KP CSC) will discuss the challenges faced by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KP) during a Webinar organised by Diamonds for Peace (DFP).

Time 11:00EDT / 15:00GMT / 16:00CET / 17:00CAT

For about one hour, KPCSC Coordinator Shamiso Mtisi and IPIS’ researcher Hans Merket will give an overview on the ongoing human rights abuses in diamond mining and explain what the Kimberley Process is (not) doing about it.


Shamiso Mtisi

KPCSC Coordinator and Deputy Director at the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA)

With over 18 years of experience working in the extractive sector, mining, agriculture and natural resources sector, he has extensive research and advocacy experiences on responsible sourcing, human rights, diamond mining, extractive industries, water resources management, intellectual property rights and farmer’s rights. He has also published several research papers on the role of parliament in playing an oversight role in the mining sector, including training for parliamentarians in Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Hans Merket

Researcher at the International Peace Information Service (IPIS)

As the civil society watchdog to the Kimberley Process, the KP CSC pushes for responsible diamond governance. IPIS supports the Coalition as a research institute with its analyses and expertise on issues of natural resources, conflict mapping and business & human rights. Hans coordinates IPIS’ work within the KP CSC and IPIS’ broader research program on (ir)responsible diamond mining and trade. He was part of the KP CSC core team following the last three-year reform cycle of the Kimberley Process (2017-2019), where participating states again failed to reach consensus on broadening the scope of the KP certification scheme.

More on the KP CSC’s work on blood diamonds: Real Care is Rare: An on-the-ground perspective on blood diamonds and the fifth ‘C’

Photo credit: Kimberley Process, Gallery

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