Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition

2019 Plenary New Delhi – Closing Speech by the Civil Society Coalition

“The so-called KP family has proved to be dysfunctional. After three (3) years of excruciating negotiations on reform, the KP has said this week: We agree that we don’t agree on anything substantial. The Civil Society Coalition is sure that many among you will not even agree to that.”

“The umpteenth attempt at broadening the scope of the KP to capture contemporary conflict challenges failed to produce any result. The KP has decided to remain a process that merely serves to protect state interests against rebels seeking to overthrow them.”

While many of you will return to your capitals in triumph or victory for having obstructed widening the KP remit, we will return to our communities who suffer from torture, sexual abuse and killings at the hands of private and public security forces, and armed groups not fighting governments. We will tell them: We’re sorry but the KP doesn’t care. The KP actually prefers to send a message to consumers that they might be better off ethically when they buy synthetic diamonds.”

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Closing speech civil society coalition

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