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Storymap impact of diamond mining

Story map of grassroots research on local diamond mining impact

A new story map presents the findings of grassroots research on the impact of diamond mining done by members of the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition in seven African countries. This is based on first-hand data collected during fieldwork on diamond mining sites and in the communities living nearby.  

The goal of this research is to improve the understanding of real-life and local impacts of the artisanal and industrial diamond mining sectors in producing countries. On this basis, the KP CSC and its members formulate evidence-based recommendations to governmental, industry and civil society stakeholders in order to enhance human rights, traceability, accountability and sustainability in the diamond supply chain.  

The studies resulted in seven reports, which can be found here. Based on the research, the KP CSC identified several common themes across countries and formulated general recommendations to better reap the potential of the small-scale and large-scale diamond mining sector. The story map explores the challenges for mining communities by highlighting examples from the different reports. 

Studies conducted by Action Mines Guinée, CCRAG, CEDIDE, CENADEP, GAERN, GRPIE, MCDF, NMJD, RELUFA.  

This story map has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The content of this document is the sole responsibility of the author and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union

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